Google Ranking Factors to Get Quality Leads

SEO plays a very vital role in getting a ranking on Google or any other search engine. Search Engine Optimization is the process of performing on-page and off-activities continuously to get rankings on Google when a user makes any query on searches of any relevant keyword.

  • Creating Backlinks with High DA websites

Backlinks are seemingly the main positioning variables. Backlinks structure the premise of PageRank, which is the underpinning of Google’s positioning calculation. Bunches of elements add to a backlink’s capacity to make some difference, and the two most significant are pertinence and authority.

  • Content Relevancy

The relevancy of the content and external links from important sites and pages hold the most worth. The external links must be of the web pages having high domain authority. The linking to the websites gaining more traffic will provide a link juice to your website. The uniqueness and relevancy are the major factors.

  • Adding Trendy and Fresh Content

The content with more trending topics will be able to rank higher as freshness and the trendy content will draw more attention from the users. Even Google shows the freshest content in its top stories. Take a gander at the query items to survey the significance of newness for your objective keywords.

  • Provide New Relevant Content

The content of the website needs to update the page much of the time or reliably distribute new articles about the subject to stay aware of the interest. 

  • Create Social awareness among the audience. 

The higher the engagement of the website, the higher the rankings as Google will be able to see that users found the relevant content on the website.

  • Use long-tail keywords 

As long-tail keywords will grasp more customer attention and are more focused on the user’s query. Phrasal Keywords are more important as the exact keywords will get results in search intent only when the user searches for a particular query.

  • Create content keeping the user in mind

Google shows content differently for different search queries. If somebody is asking for making a sale or purchase, google will show the content accordingly and if someone is asking for some learning techniques, it will show accordingly. You need to update your content taking the user’s point of view in mind.

  • Content Format

The user must keep in mind, that if he is looking for any tutorials, or any reviews, kind of things, the videos are most preferable. Try to optimize your video content when a user makes a query. If the user is looking for a blog or articles, create content in that way.

  •  Take an idea from “people also ask” 

You can take an idea from “people also ask”, to see the user mindset for search queries. Write your content according to the preferences most people are searching for.

  • Research higher-ranking Pages

Take signs from the highest level pages and look at their content, analyze and implement their tactics, to make valuable content on the website. Research different inquiries searchers need replies to and incorporate them where they appear to be. It will help you increase your rankings too.

  • Listing Your Business on Google My Business

You need to list your business on Google My Business with your website address with the use of relevant keywords in the description, and this will help to show your business in the search results.

  • Focus on Your Website Page Loading Speed

According to Google ranking factors, a web page can only perform well if it has a high-loading website Speed. Google will never rank a website with a slow website loading speed.

  • The website must be Responsive

 If your website is responsive and provides the best user experience on all devices, be it desktop, mobile, or tablet, then there are more chances to get a high positioning on search engines.

  • Using an SSL Certificate

If you use an SSL Certificate on your website, it encrypts your data between browser and server and Google can easily find the content. Besides this, using a website with an SSL certificate makes the user believe that the content on the website is valuable and relevant. Sometimes, users bounce when they see that the website is “not secure” on Google as a warning.


Getting rankings on Google or any other search engine is a tough task that needs to be done continuously with experienced professionals and it is quite necessary for getting high-quality leads and conversions for your business.

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